Dudley L. Poston

Professor Department: Sociology College: Liberal Arts

Office: (979) 862-3048

Website: http://sociweb.tamu.edu/faculty/poston/

His research interests include demography, human ecology, and the sociology of gender, with special attention to the populations of China, Taiwan, and Korea. At Texas A&M he teaches undergraduate classes in demography and the sociology of gender, and graduate classes in demography, demographic methods, and statistics.

1. Non-Agricultural Unemployment in Beijing: A Multilevel Analysis
Published Research in Community Sociology, volume 10, 2000: PP289-303

2. The Current and Projected Distribution of the Elderly and Eldercare in the People's Republic of China.
Published in Journal of Family Issues volume 21, September, 2000, PP714-732.
3. Social and Economic Development and the Fertility Transitions in Mainland China and Taiwan
Published in Population and Development Review, 26(supplement)(2000). pp40-60.
Social and Economic Development and the Fertility Transitions in Mainland China and Taiwan, including figures and tables
4. Son Preference and Fertility in China .
Forthcoming in Journal of Biosocial Science volume 34 (April or July), 2002.
5. The Effects of Human Capital and Cultural Capital Characteristics on the Economic Attainment Patterns of Male and Female Asian-born Immigrants to the United States: Multi-level Analysis .
Forthcoming in Asian and Pacific Migration Journal volume 11, #2, 2002.
6. Chinese, overseas .
Revised version forthcoming in G. McNicoll and P. Demeny (editors) Encyclopedia of Population New York: Macmillan, 2002.
7. Bringing Males In: A Critical Demographic Plea for Incorporating Males in Methodological and Theoretical Analyses of Human Fertility.
Revised version forthcoming (2003) in Critical Demography.  

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