David Anderson's Portrait

David Anderson

Professor & Extension Specialist


David Anderson’s research focuses on livestock and food products marketing, specifically the impact of alternative farm programs on the livestock, dairy and crop sectors of agriculture.

Anderson has authored or co-authored more than 800 journal articles, publications, symposiums, presented papers, popular press, and other articles. He is a sought-after speaker, with more than 700 presentations at Extension programs and other professional meetings on his cv.

He has chaired or co-chaired 21 graduate student's research committees and been a member of 56 other graduate student committees. For the past 18 years he has taught Agricultural Economics 614, Ag Policy.

He has received awards from the American, Western, and Southern Agricultural Economics Associations for quality of research and Extension programs.

Recent extension programs have focused on livestock market outlook and farm programs. He currently teaches Ag Econ 614, which is an applied policy analysis course, primarily for MS students.

Prior to returning to Texas A&M in 1996, he was a livestock economist at the Livestock Marketing Information Center for two years.

He has received awards for Professional Excellence from the American Agricultural Economics Association, the Outstanding Extension Program Award from the Western and Southern Agricultural Economics Associations, and the TAMU Deputy Chancellor’s Distinguished Performance Team Award for Research and Extension.

He is a professor and extension economist with the Department of Agricultural Economics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M.

He earned a BS and MS from the University of Arizona and a PhD from Texas A&M, all in agricultural economics.