Gregory Gause's Portrait

Gregory Gause

Professor & Head

Bush School of Government & Public Service


Greg Gause’s research focuses on the international politics of the Middle East, with a particular interest in the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf. He has written on the domestic politics of the Gulf monarchies and the phenomenon of monarchy in the region more generally, on oil and politics, on alliances and war decisions in the Middle East and on American foreign policy in the region.

He has published three books, the most recent of which is The International Relations of the Persian Gulf (Cambridge University Press, 2010). His articles have appeared in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Security Studies, Middle East Journal, and The National Interest, as well as in other journals and edited volumes. He has testified on Persian Gulf issues before the Committee on International Relations of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He is a professor and head of the Department of International Affairs in the Bush School of Government and Public Service, and a faculty affiliate with the Energy Institute and with the Albritton Center for Grand Strategy at Texas A&M.

Gause earned an A.B. in politics (summa cum laude) from Saint Joseph University in Beirut and a Ph.D. in government from Harvard University.