Yassin Hassan's Portrait

Yassin Hassan


College of Engineering


Yassin Hassan’s research interests are hydrogen production, nuclear energy conversion technologies, nuclear safety and security, separation technologies for energy applications (e.g., co2 capture, utilization, storage), modeling, simulation and optimization of energy systems, and energy security.

Other interests are computational and experimental thermal hydraulics, reactor safety, fluid mechanics, two-phase flow, turbulence and laser velocimetry and imaging techniques.

He runs the Thermal-Hydraulic Research Laboratory at Texas A&M, which investigates the complex, multiphase flow of multiscale, multi-physics flow phenomena using non-intrusive global field measurement techniques. The laboratory provides the ability to use state-of-the art particle image velocimetry techniques to study these flows. The laboratory is equipped with fast-pulsed, high-energy lasers and fast high-resolution cameras. Data are analyzed using in-house developed tracking, imaging and pattern recognition routines. The combination of instantaneous measurements of full-fields of velocity and laser-induced temperature measurements enables a multitude of interesting studies of single and multiphase flows.

He is the Royce E. Wisenbaker '39 II Chair in Engineering and professor of nuclear engineering and mechanical engineering. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas.

He earned a BS in engineering from the University of Alexandria, Egypt, an MS in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois and a PhD in in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois.